Sunday, March 11, 2012

Progress in the Nursery

I have finally made some progress in the new nursery!  And I'm so proud of my cheap crafty-ness that I will even brag in each photo.
*Bought a used Crib/Changing table set off KSL for a STEAL*
*Cute green/blue baskets Dollar Tree*
*Green bathroom rug from Burlington Clearance $9.99 and so soft and perfect!*
*Made the Turquoise Minky changing pad, fabric 50% off*
*White wall hanging-free from Mother-In-Law, it was forest green and she was going to toss it. A coat of white paint and it's good as new! (I just need to add some color into the glass frames and find stuff to hang)*

* Curtains I made with $6 total in fabric*
*White shelf another freebie from my Mother-In-Law(It was dark brown)*

Finally the Crib
**Darren had the idea to put a picture up above the crib. Not only did Darren make the frame for me it was his idea to paint my nails and do a black/white color splash photo of my belly!**
*The hooks, gift from my Grandma Nacele, she got them at IKEA and they are perfect. Corbin thinks they are hilarious and is sad he can't play with them anymore.)

Dog tails! LOL I love it!

So I still have a few things to finish up and I'm definitely not done adding touches of turquoise and lime green into the room.. but I am so happy with how it has turned out! I feel like I haven't spent very much money and it looks great. Once I get the Vinyl up and the Crib bedding done I'll have some more photos.

I'm 35 weeks, still working a few nights a week, babysitting 2days a week, eating so much I'm sick of food, getting no sleep and running out of energy.. but I'm excited to welcome this little addition to our family any day now! At my last Dr. Appt I measured 2 weeks big (what's new.. I did with Corbin too. What can I say my babies like their leg room) but everything else is healthy.

I did a little baby shopping at H&M (My new FAVORITE store), but I think I may have jumped the gun..

This whole drawer is full of NB

And this drawer of 0-3 months from Corbin and Madden...

Let's just say this kid is going to be rockin 3 cute outfits everyday so he can wear them all! Ha ha. I keep telling everyone, don't buy me anything smaller than 6months. Wait til he gets bigger or he'll never have a chance to wear it. Hopefully he stays tiny long enough to wear some of these cute outfits I have planned!


jayna said...

Looks super cute! Great job!

Sherry said...

I love everything you did! Really CUTE! Can't wait for the baby :)