Sunday, January 22, 2012

Yep. He's listening.

Let me set this story up correctly, Brittney and all the kids came over to my house Saturday night to help me with the nursery and play. 5 children under the age of 5 running around my house, while Britt and I tried to work on the nursery. During a dinner break this conversation happened:

Brittney to Sawyer "Here drink lots of water so you can grow big and strong!"

Sawyer takes a drink of the water cup. Then walks away.

Corbin asks Britt "Can I have a drink?"

Corbin takes a BIG drink, then looks down and sighs sadly, "Oh I'm sad"

Julia  "Corbin why are you so sad?"

Corbin "Cause I'm still small! WAHHH!"

Ha ha ha. He he he. Corbin heard Brittney telling Sawyer and he believed it would happen to him instantly! Sawyer could have cared less, but Brittney broke the poor kids heart.

Corbin really listens to what everyone says.

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