Tuesday, January 17, 2012

2 New Rooms

 Well for a few reasons we have decided to move Corbin out of his Nursery/Room into what was our office, so we can do a new nursery closer to our bedroom for baby #2. Corbin was pretty excited to get a new bed and a new room, this was him playing after bath time.

So now phase one. Clean everything out, clean the walls and paint! I have decided to go with a grey two tone wall color, so hopefully it turns out cute.

These will be some of my 'Before' pictures. I am excited to get started! Hopefully if I do a little at a time it will help the next 3 months go by a little faster for me.

I'm 27 weeks (6 months) preggers and chugging along! I have been horrible at taking any pictures this time.. mostly cause I don't want to admit I'm getting that big already..Oh well..

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Sherry said...

come on - post a picture of your belly for us out of towners!