Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm finally blogging again!

Look at these adorable PJ's that Lisa and my dad got Corbin for Christmas. I love this older style of PJ's they are so dang cute!! And Corbin loves them too. Thanks guys!

Anyway I needed a picture to post and I didn't want it to be of me.. so you got Corbin instead. Maybe tomorrow I'll be more brave.

I need to start blogging more, my life is somewhat back into order and going smooth. I'm 27 weeks (6months) pregnant and now in my 3rd trimester! I am so excited, I even bought my first double stroller for Corbin and the baby! It gets me excited every time I see it. I am going to start moving Corbin's bedroom and decorating the nursery soon, so hopefully that will help the next 3 months go by fast! I am huge. Yes HUGE. It's OK I've come to terms with it, no sense in trying to hide it. For some reason my body makes absolutely NO attempt to hide the baby inside, it's all out front like a giant beach ball. It's great for back aches, uncomfortable sleep and preventing me from reaching anything. Corbin tells me everyday how BIG my belly is, like "a biggest balloon ever". Aren't kids sweet? But right now I'm enjoying being pregnant. Close parking at work, everyone offers me food, I never have to carry anything, sweet old ladies tell me how cute my 'little' bump is,and I get to feel him move around and Karate chop me all day long. At least I think he's sleeping during the night and up during the day, fingers crossed this is a good sign. I am measuring good with the doctors, and the baby is healthy.

This week my sister Brittney and I started doing a Zumba class and a Step class. It's great! I'm not even the only pregnant chick and we can take our kids! It rocks! I've been working out at home here and there, going for walks, yoga, and a few strength/toning things, but I need this cardio. I wish we would have started going sooner. We're going to try to keep going, and I'm definitely going back to help loose the baby weight.

2012 is off to a great start for me, and I hope it is for everyone else out there!

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Sherry said...

Julia, I'm so excited for you! I love the PJ's on Corbin - he's just so adorable!!! Glad you are doing well! Luvs!