Sunday, January 29, 2012

One of every mom's fears

Every mom has fears. Your child getting lost or worst kidnapped, getting really sick, getting hurt or needing stitches. There are a list of things that scare me about being a mother. But today one happened.

I was at the store with my mom and sister. Corbin had been running around with Brylee and Sawyer, and I told him if he didn't stop running around I was going to hold his arm and make him stand next to me. Sure enough I turn around and BAM. It happens. Corbin claims Brylee did it, but from what I gathered he was trying to climb a shelf, fell and hit his face. I picked him up and flipped him around so I could see his face and access the damage. Blood. Lots of blood. Normally it wouldn't bother me, but for some reason this pregnancy has made me very sensitive and queasy to things like blood and injuries. I can see it's localized on his lip and mouth, so my mom carried him to the bathroom for me, and we got him all cleaned up.

After staring at his bloody lip in the mirror Corbin decided all he needed was a band aid and he'd be fine. Thank goodness his teeth and everything were fine, it was only the pink part of his lip.

But it made me so sick to my stomach! I hope he can make it through April without anymore of these accidents! A few days ago Corbin got out of the car at home and took off running tward the snow ice patch on the side of our house, and before I could warn him he slipped and landed flat on his back. All he did was stand up and say, aw that hurt mom. Ha ha he's pretty tough, I just wish he didn't think he has to learn everything the hard way.

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