Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Ultrasound baby #2

Dec 6th 2011 I had my 21 week ultrasound for baby #2! I told the Ultrasound  tech that I didn't want to find out the sex of the baby so I started with my eyes closed. Good thing I did because within 3 seconds she said she knew the gender! She said the 'baby' was spread eagle and showing a perfect view! Ha ha, just like Corbin was. Once she measured the legs I was able to open my eyes so I could watch her measure a show me everything else. She was very careful and told me when to close my eyes so there was no peeking on my part! After seeing the baby looking so healthy and moving around so well I got so emotional! Call it the pregnancy hormones or a wave of relief knowing everything was OK but I started crying. I couldn't help it, I was so unbelievably happy and grateful to have a healthy baby! It is such a wonderful feeling knowing I'm creating a life. I am so blessed to have Darren, Corbin and now another baby in my life. I bet all day my face was glowing with a smile.

Everything is big and healthy with the baby.I measure a week bigger than they thought I was with the first ultrasound, but I always measured big with Corbin. Must be my super healthy, and super unhealty diet. Fruit and chocolate grow great babies! Due date is still the same for now, April 17 will be 40 weeks.

They sent me home with a few pictures not showing the gender, a DVD that shows the gender, and 2 pictures with the gender are sealed in the envelope. I'm so excited, Christmas morning we can open the envelope and watch the DVD to see our little baby! What a great present, I don't even need anything else. I think it's going to be so amazing for Darren, Corbin and I to all find out at the same time! I wonder if Corbin will fully understand.. maybe I need to start prepping him so when I get all emotional and cry he'll know why ha ha.

Oh and I'm still 90% sure it's a BOY


Christy said...

Im betting on a boy too. But only because two little cowboys are better than one! I cant wait for christmas! Now dont take your sweet time letting us know what was in that envelope! I expect a post by 9 am!

Dani said...

This is such a fun idea, and you look adorable! Happy Holidays!

jayna said...

Can't wait!!!