Sunday, December 4, 2011

Thanksgiving and what not lately..

Well it's now December. Wow. Where did November go?

Thanksgiving- This was the year to spend Thanksgiving with my family. Since I didn't work the whole month of November (not by choice) we decided going to Idaho wasn't going to happen. But my Grandma Nacele held a wonderful  Dinner at her house, and then Christmas Bingo the Saturday afterwards. It seems around this time Corbin began his wild emotions faze where tears are involved every 15 mins or so...

I really wasn't feeling that great so it was hard to be everywhere all the time but we tried. And with not feeling so well and dealing with Corbin.. I really wasn't in the 'take picture' kinda mood.. so here is what I found on my camera.
This is Corbin and I after we got home from Thanksgiving.

Corbin and his cuteness playing in his room.

19 1/2 weeks Prego- 'technically' half way since I'm only planning on being preggers for 39 weeks. 

Photobucket fun. Corbin is totally vein and likes seeing his pic on the computer, so while I was uploading photo's we had some fun. He thinks this is like on TV for everyone to see.

Right now the phase of the day is Spider Man. Everything is Spider Man. He wears red gloves and hat's and runs around using his super powers. He likes to watch the old 1970's cartoon Spider Man episodes on Netflix.

Since I'm preggers and getting big so fast, I've been trying to exercise by getting out on walks. These pictures were taken while out on one of our walks. I thought he looked so cute and he was willing so we stopped on the bike path by our house and had a photo shoot.

Well I'm finally back to working a few days a week, the house is decorated for Christmas and all is well at the Robinson house... for now...

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