Friday, November 4, 2011

Happy Halloween and 16 weeks.

(Sad this is the only picture I got of Corbin and I...)

For Halloween this year Corbin was supposed to be Woody from Toy Story. But.. he ended up being "Booty"  Woody's cousin. I couldn't find cowboy boots (under$50) so Converse it was, and even though Woody doesn't wear chaps, this cowboy did! He loved his costume and wore it most of the month of October, well parts of his costume.

Saturday before Halloween we went to the Riverwoods with my family to Trick or Treat and party with Radio Disney. The kids had a blast! I had to work and didn't know we were going so Corbin is a cowboy courtesy of what Brittney could find at home really quick.

On Halloween we took Corbin to Mapleton to Trunk or Treat and he had a blast. People in my in-laws ward really go all out decorating down this road for the kids. There was hot cider, donuts, and popcorn bags. Corbin had a blast.


16 Weeks

So I went to my 16 Week Appointment on Nov 3rd.
* The baby's heart beat was at 160 which is pretty fast so according to the old wives tale that could indicate a girl..
* My blood pressure is low, so this explains all the dizziness and fainting. Not dangerously low or anything, I just need to be careful. (unlike the reckless pregnancy I've been living so far..?)
* Made the appt for the Ultra sound, Dec 6th. Apparently right after Thanksgiving they are really busy. So I'll be 21 weeks instead of 20.

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