Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Kitchen make over!

Since we moved into our house Darren and I have wanted to give our kitchen a SERIOUS make-over. He really wanted to make new cabinets and I wanted new flooring. SOO... the other day I decided that instead of Darren having to build new expensive cabinets all summer, I'd just re-paint ours, and in time for Corbin's birthday on the 23rd this month. Well I started Thursday the 10th with the help of Ginger, and then worked on it ALL weekend with Darren. Then I finished up the door painting throughout the week and finally on Saturday the 19th we have a finished put back together kitchen.
As for the floor.. we decided to wait and take a break from projects for awhile. And for tax returns :)
This project was a lot of hard work, but totally worth it! I looked at a lot of blogs and DIY stuff for idea's and here is a list of thigs I wish someone would have told me!

1. It will take longer than 1 weekend.
2. LABLE everything. Use tape and a sharpy.
3. Remove everything from your cupboards. I tried to put a bag over stuff.. but in the end it was all covered in dust and had to be washed.
4. Remove the hardware, baggy and lable each one.
5. Get a baby sitter!
If you would like to see exactly how I did this step by step along with tips and pricing of what I paid check 
out the HUB HERE I did on it.

I know this is crappy color quality, but I just wanted to show the distress detail.


jayna said...

That is a ton of work but it looks wonderful! Good for you guys!

Dani said...

Amazing transformation! -- Can't believe how different it looks, happy you went with the brown color, it's adorable! Can't wait to see in person!

Amy said...

Julia it looks a million times better, total transformation, i love it.

Lisa Stewart said...

Wow! Julia! That looks great. Maybe one day you can come down and paint ONE wall in the bathroom :-) LOL! Good job! ~ Lisa

Lizzie - The Dancing Toad Blog said...

That looks so great! Great job! I will definitely have to look into this when we do our cabinets!