Thursday, March 10, 2011

Corbin's 2nd Birthday

Lightning McQueen cake my mom and I created!

WELL..Corbin had his 2nd Birthday on Feb 23, 2011. I know it took me forever to post about it.. but I didn't take ANY pictures of the party, so I had to get them from others. I wasn't feeling good and I was so busy with the party, plus my batteries died in my camera. Oh well, it wasn't about me, it was all about Corbin. 
We had a few friends and family over had a light dinner, a Lightning McQueen PiƱata, cake and presents. I think all the kids had a blast with all the candy and presents.Corbin was totally spoiled with OOdDDles of new toys and some cute clothes. His family and friends sure love him!

Side note- since I didn't get any pictures of Corbin I am going to try to get some done this Saturday of just him for his 2 year photo shoot and I will do a comparison of his 1st and 2nd bday pics.

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