Saturday, February 19, 2011

It's the simple things in Life..

Well here it is another Saturday. After spending the last 10 ten days and all morning working on our kitchen I took a break and headed out to get my nails done. I decided to be BOLD and pic Zebra and I totally love them!!

Oh it gets better... I am treating myself to one of these!

If you haven't been lured into buying one of these over-priced treats than you should!! Wow, let me take another bite..... Yes, Yes it really is THAT good.. OK if you like Red Velvet and CHEESECAKE.. which I do. But I asked Darren what he thought of it, and he said it was just ok.. SO if your like me and everything tastes better overloaded with yumminess than I bet you'll love this. For example of yumminess overload.. If I make my own banana split, you'd better believe I will put every topping possible on it. And yes at Arctic Circle you can get a Rocky Road milkshake and add caramel and extra marshmellos ha ha. I love me some rainly saturday bliss...

But you might want to add in a few extra miles on the treadmill after eating it.. ha ha 

Hope everyone else is having a great day too :)

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