Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Too cute not to write about.

So Corbin has always been going thru fases of 'his favorite thing' almost daily. At first he was all about Elmo, then he was pushed aside for Mater, the Lightning McQueen and finally Mac Truck and Trailer. He takes his favorite toy everywhere with him, the car, nap time, around the house, the bath tub (if I let him) and even bed at night. Well since Christmas he has the whole Disney Cars crew; Mac, McQueen, Mater, Sally, Luigi, Guido, Doc and Sheriff. He tries to carry around as many as he can hold all the time. So bed time comes around and every night he helps me put some of his toys away, we read some books, cuddle and then he goes to bed. So yesturday he started carrying around this green care bear I gave him and he'd feed it, put it down for a nap and kiss it all day. After reading last night I was trying to get him ready for bed and it took me longer than usual beacuse he had a list of demands before he would go to bed here they go:

1. His soft white blanky
2. His soft green blanky
3. His Cars pillow Mac side showing
4.Green Care Bear

Finally after convincing him that Mater was on his bedspread and he didn't have enough hands to hold one of his 5 Mater toys I got him to settle down. But before I can sneak out the door he yells out in his cute little voice, "I cuddle mama!" "Cuddle mama!" it was so cute, how could I say no? So I layed in his bed with him while we both rocked his Care Bear to bed and tucked him in with the green blanket.

It was so cute.. I love these moments :)

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