Monday, January 24, 2011

A Prayer is Answered

After the following story happened I was on such a 'helpful/grateful' high that I came home and told Darren the story very detailed. Hopefully someone out there will appreciate it more than the laugh and sarcastic remarks he gave me. (In a loving way.. )

Saturday morning I left the house to run some errands, while Darren and Corbin stayed home to nap. I went and got my oil changed and then was going to go to Macy's and pick up a few things when something stopped me. I thought for a second and realized they are REALLY busy on Saturday's so I went to Fresh Market that costs a little bit more, but is closer to my house.

I grabbed the handful of items on my list using one of those new tiny shopping carts (that I never get to try out cause I'm usually packing 3 children with me) and headed out the door. I parked further away then I usually do after realizing how out of shape I am from my work out this morning, I thought I could use the exercise. I stopped at the door and thought about leaving the cart and carrying my items, but changed my mind and pushed to cart out to my car. I unloaded the groceries into my car and looked around... I totally admit I thought about just leaving that shopping cart right there instead of walking it a whole 100 ft. to the cart return. UGH. I need the exercise remember? So I walked the cart back (It's FREEZING and the wind is blowing) and I hear, "excuse me ma'am" I turned to see a cute little old lady bundled up holding her purse. She said the battery in her keyless lock died and she couldn't get her car started. She looked really embarrassed and asked if I could give her a ride home. This is awful to admit, but my first thought was, 'Is this some kind of Scam? How could I get hurt or taken advantage of trying to help her?' SAD I know.. but that is what the world is like in my eyes these days.. Anyway, she said she just lived across the highway in the Trailer Park which happened to be on my way home, so I told her I wouldn't mind at all.

In the car as I'm driving her home so was telling me how grateful she was that I could give her a ride. When she couldn't get her car started she told me she said a little prayer, got out of her car and then I was walking right by her. I was touched! I'm so glad I was there to answer her prayer.

 It turns out she went to the store to get her sick husband some 7up and her battery in her car, and in the key-less remote died. I ended up taking her back and jumping her car for her. I left my # and told her if she ever needed anything to please call me.

I hope she does call me if she needs any help, and I hope someday someone will do something nice for me when I need it too.


jayna said...

So sweet Julia! Thanks for sharing that!

DTanner said...

What a sweet story. I admit, I would have thought the same thing at first. Does that mean we watch too much tv?

Dani said...

Good story :) -- Your braver than me!

Dani said...

Good story :) -- Your braver than me!

The Hugel's said...

I loved this how sweet I am so glad you could be there to help her! :)

Amy said...

I love this story, and I love that you just had these feelings to park where you did, and take the cart back, it's awesome.
And, your comments just made me laugh SO hard. LOVED them. Thank you!!!!! And for sure, I'll come help you with whatever!