Monday, January 31, 2011

A Perfect Sunday

Sunday morning Darren went for a hike with Kyle up the mountains by our house while I stayed home with Corbin. We had taken Corbin to the Doc on Saturday and found out he had 2 ear infections (yet again) so he had a rough morning. After Darren got home and we got some Tylenol in Corbin we thought he might like to go on a short walk and get some fresh air.

We ended up going to feed the ducks at the pond by our house and they are so domesticated that they come running out of the water when they see people, and follow you. It's really cute but kinda sad ha ha...

Corbin loved to throw the bread and say "HERE" it was so cute. Then he waved bye and told them all he'd "see you later!"

After we got home Corbin took a nap so Darren and I played oh about 6 games of Phase 10 Twist and how many did Darren win...? ALL 6 rounds! I swear I could not beat him at this game. It made me so mad  I was totally acting like a poor sport!

Then later I challenged him to a game of REGULAR Phase 10 and I won.. barely.. he's got too much luck I want some!!!

But it was a nice relaxing day and we even had Kyle, Chrissie and Mason over for a wonderful steak dinner prepared by Darren. It was nice.. other than the Pro Bowl there was no Football on so Darren and I weren't glued to the TV ha ha..

Corbin is starting to feel better finally, but the Pediatrician wants me to bring him back in on Wednesday to take another look at his ears.. hopefully he doensn't need anything else done.. I really don't want him to have to get tubes or anything drastic done.. I should probably just take him to the Chiropractor again once he recovers from this wave of infection.

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Amy said...

That game looks so fun! Cody would hate it for sure :). Hopefully his ears get better and no tubes are needed :(!