Friday, January 7, 2011

Buzz cut

The other day I was complaining to Darren about Corbin's hair. It's so thin and whispy but everytime I try to style it he screams and runs from me. But I hate having it look like a mess all the time. So I had Cheslea cut his hair shorter and it looked better for awhile, but Corbin's hair grows really fast like mine, so in no time it was sticking up everywhere again. I was telling Darren we should just buzz it off until it grows in thicker.

Later that night I could hear Darren and Corbin laughing in the bathroom, then Corbin came running down the hall looking like this...



Emily said...

Oh my heck, he is so cute! He looks so big in the second picture! --Like beyond toddler, he is a little boy! Love it!

Kyle Robinson said...

It accents his ears nicely!