Tuesday, December 21, 2010

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

Since we have lived at this house we have NEVER got this much snow! I'm talking cars stuck up and down the street this morning, school cancelled and LOTS of snow removal. At least it's Christmas this week and we've really been looking forward to taking Corbin sledding for the first time! Last night Darren and I dropped off Corbin with Grama Susie and went out for a romantic dinner together. When we got home it was snowing pretty hard and there was a few inches on the ground. I put Corbin down in the garage and he ran out into the driveway and started yelling at the snow! He loved it he was dancing in it and trying to bend down and splash it like water. How fun. I can't wait to take him!!


Amy said...

Holy snow right? You got a lot of really cool photos, playing in the snow sounds like fun - take photos!! And , thanks for the comment on my other blog it was really sweet!

Dani said...

This.is.insane. -- I hate it!