Friday, December 17, 2010

Eavesdropping, personal space and suckers.

This may look like a long post. But if you want to laugh I suggest you read it, yes read it.

Wednesday night after book club Brittney, Brightly and I decided to go out and do some late (9pm-midnight) Christmas Shopping. On our last stop home we're standing in the surprisingly LONG line at Wal-Mart at checkout. Brightly asked me how my BDay went, since she was 'sick' and couldn't make it... ha ha.. anyway I start telling how it was and I notice the lady in front of us in line totally listening in. No she was bluntly eavesdropping! She would completely turn her body to listen to my story, so I started to make the story a little more intense. No not by lying, but putting in some dramatic pauses and talking louder. By the end of my story, which I need to keep confidential, I could see the look on her face like, 'what happened next?' and ' I hope she finished before I check out and have to leave'. It was HILARIOUS! Even Britt and Brightly noticed how into my story she was. Then as a total shock right as I finish talking I here this voice right behind me in my ear, "Ya know if you get new tires..." And pause- In my head I'm thinking, "How did he know I got new tires today?" Which I did earlier that day.. then the guy continued, "It could affect your speedometer". LOL I instantly realized he was giving his input into my story as well. Apparently if your in line at Wal Mart it's courteous to join in your fellow shoppers conversations with friendly advice. Maybe he's just in the Christmas spirit. But his mom should have taught him about personal space,  I seriously think if I were to put my hand on my hip I would have bumped into him he was standing so close to me!

So if you hear me tell this 'story' of the 'story' in person. It's much funnier :) This covers the eavesdropping and the personal space.. so onto the suckers.

I get home from shopping, and side note, I got the cutest work out pants at Ross!! Love that store, anyway I get home around midnight and when I walk in the house I see Darren asleep on the couch on my way down the hall. I walk past Corbin's room and notice his door is halfway open and there is a movie still running the ending on his TV. So I set my stuff down in my room and go back to Corbin's room to turn it off and tuck him in. I open his door and he's not in his bed. I REPEAT Corbin is not in his bed. PANIC, I run back to my room to make sure he's not in my bed he's not, run to the guest room and he's not in there, I'm just about to scream at Darren to wake him up when I round the couch to go into the living room and see my little boy face down on the rug asleep. I went into Corbin's room, turned off the TV and then grabbed his blanket to go pick him up and put him in bed. As I picked it up I felt something sticky.. a half eaten sucker stuck to his blanket. Then I ran my hand across his bed and found another sucker stick and a wrapper. OK so Corbin got into the suckers while Daddy was sleeping that's nice to know.. I pick Corbin up off the floor and see that he has yet another sucker stuck to his face. He fell asleep face down while eating a sucker on the floor in front of Daddy.. I peeled it off and put him in bed.

Note to Mommy- If you leave Daddy home alone with Corbin at night, lock the doors, lock the fridge and hide the candy better!

I did take a pic of Corbin on the floor and Darren asleep.. I had to!


Anonymous said...

I love the sucker story. ha So funny and I have come home to an oreo incident similar to this. I have had the same thing happen at WalMart where I'm telling a story to a friend and you know people are listening. I have a thing with personal space too. I hate when it feels like the person is breathing down your neck because they are so close. So annoying. The line isn't going to move any quicker if you are like RIGHT behind me. Back up off.

Anonymous said...

That is so funny! What is it with kids and suckers. Teagan will eat like five a day if I let her.

Lisa Stewart said...

Julia - Great post :-)