Thursday, December 2, 2010

Corbin as of lately

 Well the week of Thanksgiving this year at almost 21 months Corbin decided to climb out of his crib. Talk about the worst feeling in your stomach, laying in bed hearing a loud THUD followed by a huge scream. I ran in there to find him on the floor trying to stand up. I ran up to him and picked him up, and after he calmed down a little bit I asked him if he climbed out of his crib and he said 'Ya' so I asked him if he was OK and he said 'No' then put his head on my shoulder and started to cry again. It broke my heart. So we decided it was time to take his beautiful crib down and let him sleep on the mattress until we got a bed.

Corbin's first night sleeping out of a crib. He thought it was really cool and exciting until about 1:30am when he felt the need to climb into my bed and kick me in the ear all night.

 So we picked him up a twin bed and a Disney 'Cars' bed set. Before we could even make his bed he was climbin on it saying 'night night' in his little Mater pj's. Finally we got his bed made and let him climb in it and before he could lay down he had to point to every character and tell us who was on his blankets and pillow.
He is obsessed with Cars. He calls them 'Queen', 'Mater'and Mac. He fell asleep in his cars bed, wearing his cars Pj's, drinking from his cars sippy and watching Cars! ha ha hey don't judge me, whatever will help him sleep in a big boy bed sounds good to me!

The crib is now in pieces in my bedroom until we get the courage to take it out to the shed. I look at it and in a weird way it breaks my heart! My little baby isn't a baby anymore and he's not in the crib that we spent hours building and looking at before he was born. My house feels weird now.. maybe we'll set it up for use again sometime soon! No that wasn't my headway into saying I'm pregnant, just throwing a hint out there to the hubby if he reads this ha ha !!

Other news about Corbin, he is obsessed with movies! It's a curse and blessing. Sure it's nice when he won't go back to sleep at 5am to throw in some Elmo and take a nap while he watches it, but then again when he cries and throws a fit cause I wont let him sit in front of the TV all day it sucks! We've got a pretty good system worked out that in the morning and the later afternoon I let him watch a short Seasame Street video about numbers and then letters so he's actually learning something. Then usually every other day or a little bit at night time we let him watch Cars. The good thing about the educational videos are Corbin is actually learning! He can count to ten, and knows some of his colors already! He's not even two!

He is a crazy little stinker, but man is he funny and we love him :)


jayna said...

I remember when Caroline climbed out- it just stunk! We had to put her in a bed and put a baby lock on her door knob!

So good luck! Crazy little man!

At least he's so cute!

Anonymous said...

I love that he loves cars! We had to do the same thing with Teagan and Tinkerbell. Her whole room is covered in Tinkerbell stuff.