Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving, sweaters and more

 Well this year we spent Thanksgiving with Darren's family over at his parents house. We had a nice relaxing day with turkey, football and of course entertainment from Corbin.

Corbin with Grama Becky

Trying to keep these two entertained while the food was still cookin.

 Like father like son....

 Outfit #2 of the day...

Corbin changed to his next amsemble

Chrissy made Turkey hats for the kids, so cute!

Lil Mason.. he's getting big so fast!

The day after Thanksgiving our friends Jeff and Ginger had an 'ugly sweater' party. We had a blast! I'm considering using this wonderful family photo for Christmas cards this year!

I easily look 100lbs heavier, Darren's face and sweater are awesome, and Corbin completes the picture with his angry kid face.

I think he won the best outfit that night. We got that bad boy at DI the day of the party.. This picture just does not do the faded yarn, and store bought disaster justice.
Me and Ginger

My friend Anastasia was in town from Arizona, so we met up on Friday afternoon at PF Changs to appreciate a little fine dinning. I forgot what it felt like to go to a nice sit down restaurant without having to look at the kids menu, beg your child to be quiet and be stared at. Not to mention have a conversation without hearing Corbin yell random things like Cookie Monster and Mater when he pleases. We ordered so much food that I asked to have it wrapped up to go, but after walking around the mall for a half hour I realized I left it sitting on the table. Yeah, that would be something I'd do. Nas and I have this tradition started that everytime we get together we end up at the mall in the chocolate store, then sit in front of the fireplace and eat it. This time we wound up in Kara Chocolates and she introduced me to 'Petite Fours' yeah I know that's probably not how you spell it.. but anyhoo they are amazing! We both know how to appreciate the good chocolate and treats in life. It's probably a good things she lives in Arizona or we'd be eating desserts everyday together! I miss her and I'm glad when she's in town she always makes time to see me so we can complain, shop and sugar up together.

It was a great holiday weekend! Plus I got the HOTTEST new boots for myself. I am seriously going to wear them everyday weither they match or not.

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