Monday, December 6, 2010

News around the Family

Well lately I feel like all I've done is put up pictures on here with captions and I haven't talked about too much.. so here is me randomly spilling my guts for all of you who care, to know.

My sister Brittney is pregnant again with her 3rd child and is having another little boy in March 2011. I'm excited for her and our boys. It will be fun having Sawyer, Corbin and the next little boy all so close in age. Next tonight Dallas had his appendix removed, so Brittney has been staying with him at the hospital with him. For how much she hates being at a hospital this shows a lot of love. He should be able to go home tomorrow afternoon.

For Darren's birthday I got tickets for us to go see Rodney Carrington out in Wendover on Dec. 4th. Sadly this fell on the same night as Grandma's famous Christmas Bingo.. so we stopped by and got a few pics for proof I made an appearance. Grandma made like 60-something aprons for everyone! The are amazing! There were so many cute ones that I had to go with the most reasonable reason to pick one out. The one that matched my kitchen the most. So I got this red/black fine little number. And yes, stop by my house and I will be cooking and baking while wearing it :) Corbin even got to pick one out too! Don't worry we're going to break his in the right way by decorating cookies!

Back to Wendover. Can I just tell you that this was hands down the FUNNEST trip Darren and I have ever been on! We ate at a really nice steak house, called 'The Steak House', and you'd be surprised how amazing it was to have dinner with each other in an adult restaurant. My food was AMAZING! Crab and cream cheese stuffed prawns and lobster mashed potatoes! Can you say YUM? Uh just writing about it makes me want to drive 2 and a half hours out there just to eat them again. We stayed out way too late and got up way to early, but loved every minute of it. It was some much needed mommy and daddy time. We had a blast at the show and hanging out with Chelsea and James. GOOD IDEA to Chelsea.

So lately I'm only working part time in the office and running a zoo at my house the other days. It's confusing to explain, but basically every other week I have 2 to 4 kids I babysit for my neighbor and Chrissie my sister in law. But it's fun, hard work, but fun to have little munchkins running around destroying my house. I think it's really good for Corbin, who has a really hard time sharing not only his toys, but his moms attention. At first he only cared for younger kids that he could bully, but not it's flopped. Corbin is not even two and he has the 3 year old I watch coming to me for help all the time. Here's what I hear almost daily out of the other kids:
"Corbin's not sharing"
"Corbin just bit me"
"Corbin is pushing my brother down"
"Corbin took my blanket"
Now this is what I hear from the other room:
"Ouch Corbin get off of me!"
"I'm playing with this truck!"
"I'm telling on you"
Ha ha  I know this makes Corbin sound like a demon child, well he's not. He's just.. very persistent and 'strong willed' :) Guess we won't have to worry about him being bullied it's going to be the other way around. I can almost hear the phone calls from other parents.. but there's still time.

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