Monday, April 5, 2010

Rainy days

Not only has it been rainy and gloomy outside, it has been inside my house too.. Not that I like sharing TOO much of my personal problems with everyone, this one I'm going to.

In the past few weeks we have;
*Lost Roscoe to an unsolved mystery.
*Bailey came home with a Bullet hole.
*Sweetie reached her old age and had to be put down.
*We sold Lucky and Omar both of our horses.
(yes these the above involve our animals, here I'll do the math for you, we went from 5 animals to 1)
*Darren's Grandpa passed away Easter Sunday.

This explains the tears flowing inside my house as well.. I admit I am an over-sensitive-emotional wreck of a woman that cries unexpectidly throughout the day. But Darren is keeping me together.

The one positive note is I got a new ride.. my dream car.. but when I drive it and think about it, the guilt from owning such a nice vehicle makes me feel spoiled and I cry.

Ha ha ha... 'The sun'l come out tomorrow!'


Amy and Cody said...

Aw Julia, so sorry, you've had a rough start for a new year. Picture of your new car? Don't feel guilty just be happy!

Dani said...

That sounds like a rough few weeks! .. But hey, a new car!

Julia & Darren said...

maybe I'll post a pic on FB.. I'd feel weird putting it on here since it's not private and my FB is.