Friday, March 26, 2010

Flash back Friday

Brighly and I eating breakfast at a local Cafe during Country Jam. For those of you that don't know about Country Jam you're missing out! It is held in Grand Junction Colorado every summer usually in June. They have a few outdoor concert stages set up, and huge camp grounds within walking distance. Everyone camps and then goes to concerts all day long, plus it's set up outside like a carnival with games and food everywhere. I went a few years in a row and I hope to go back soon! I've seen so many big and small name artists preform; Dirks Bently, Gretchan Wilson, Chris Cagel, Josh Gracin, Sawyer Brown and tons more! We had a blast! We went with my mom, Bob, Brittney, Tara and others throughout the years.

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Amy and Cody said...

How fun is that?! I totally want to go, I'll have to ask Cody @ it! Cute pic!