Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Laughed so hard our stomaches hurt!

Last Saturday we decided to go out and do some much needed grocery and supply shopping before Brylee's Birthday party and after a few stops we ended up at Kmart in Orem. As we are walking up to the store Corbin see's the carousel and got excited so Darren decided to let him ride it. Now before I start let me just set this up a little.. Corbin is a little over 1, so he can barely walk on his own and doesn't have the greatest balance and there are carts up against the carousel on one side so you can't walk all the way around it...Darrnen pops the quarter in and the thing starts going.. really..going! It was so fast he had to time it just right to jump on  with Corbin to hold him on the horse. After about two full turns Darren decideds he is too big (he barely fit hunched over squeezing in between the horses) and he decides to bail out and hang on to Corbin. Well remember the carts.. ya he was forced to let go of Corbin so he yells to me to grab him when he comes around, but the thing was going too fast! So our poor kid falls over into the inner part of this maniac carousel and has a big grin on his face as he is circling around laughing at his frantic parents. We where both laughing so hard at this point I was worried I'd pee my pants! So Darren jumps back into this crazy machine and starts going around again, I'm sitting there laughing thinking to myself, 'when is this thing going to stop?'. Darren picks up Corbin and tells me he's going to hand Corbin to me, so we time it and as Darren goes to hand Corbin to me he hits his poor hear which forces him back into the ride. But next time I snatched him out and Darren jumped off again. Still laughing we watched as the carousel finally came to an end.

This is not Corbin I just wanted a visual.

Just some side notes, if anyone was in the parking lot laughing at us, no one came to our rescue.
But Corbin was all smiles the whole time and had a blast.
I wish this was on tape cause we were laughing so hard.
Be careful next time you trust one of these high powered out of control carousel's.


Amy and Cody said...

Oh my gosh! That is so funny! I can totally picture the franticness ;) awesome.

jayna said...

Ok, that was really funny! I could totally picture this!