Friday, March 27, 2009

Oh how the days blurr by.

I can't believe it's already the end of March it seems like 2009 just started! Plus our baby boy is almost 5 weeks and I'm headed back to work. I've started going back part time and taking him with me. My work is so great and understanding and they don't mind me taking him at all. He's been very good while I work so I'll take him as long as they'll let me!

So much has happened and yet some days it feels like he just got here. He's so fun and active during the day looking around and trying to roll everywhere! But still sleeping really good at night. He has the strongest neck already! He can hold it up himself and look around the room for a long time without resting it on my shoulder. He's been so much fun I love the funny little faces and noises he makes, it always makes Darren and I laugh.
On Wednesday March 18th we went and saw Grandma Nacele and then went home for bath time.

Darren's Grandpa was in town and got to see Corbin for the first time. Corbin was born 2 days before Grandpa's 92nd birthday.

St. Patricks day at the Hogal Zoo!! My family from Idaho was in town so we all went to see the animals! It was a beautiful day and all the kids did so well. It was fun I hadn't been to the Zoo in years and it wasn't crouded at all.


Brandon and Jennifer said...

He is so cute Julia! I love the picture of him in the towel after his bath! His little face is adorable!

The Crew said...

He is so cute and getting so big. Love the twiner pic of you and brittney! Hope your feeling better...