Monday, December 15, 2008

No more camera

I'm sad to report that my digital camera has been missing for a few weeks now and I've come to the conclusion that it's not coming back. Thank goodness I have the memory card out, but the actual camera anymore. Darren's digital camera broke a few months ago.. so I don't have any recent pictures. I'll have to borrow someones camera this week and take a few belly shots.

Until then I'm 32 weeks and the count DOWN begins!!

Pregnancy has its moments of joy and excitement, but it also sucks a lot. I think I have finally come to terms with myself that not everything in this 9 months is going to be a 'blessing' or a 'miracle' anymore. I want to sleep in whatever position I want, I want to fit into my favorite jeans, I want to shop without strangers staring at me or telling me how big "just my belly is".


I feel better :)


jayna said...

That's right...let it all out. Frankly I don't trust a non-complaining pregnant woman. I think their hormones are out of wack...

:)Not too much longer!!

The Beals said...

Youve done a great job not being whiney (like I was!) and this pregnancy has FLOWN for me (it seems like just yesterday we found out you were expecting!) but its almost over and then we can celebrate your adorable new baby! Cant wait to meet him!!!!

The Miller Family said...

Julia, I am sad about your camera! I dig the belly shots! Seriously, its hard once you get past the 30 week mark. You complain girl! I think anyone who has to go through that has every right!

Julia & Darren said...

Thank you fellow mothers! Its good to hear I'm not the only one.. I need to make Darren read this, I pretty sure he thinks I'm crazy. HA HA

daddymommyandbabysteggell said...

I didn't know yo had a blog!! I would have added you on mine months ago. Your blog is so cute, the address to mine is I am going to go ahead and add you. I hope you have a great Christmas!!!