Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Mean neighbor kids!

Darren and I have enjoyed our new home and neighborhood so far, the ones we've met seem pretty nice so far. The only real complaints I have is people letting their kids play in the street, HELLO I don't care if you're 5 or 15 you don't need to play in the road, and when people let their dog bark for hours straight. Don't get a large animal if you're going to lock it up in your back yard and let it bark ALL the time. It's mean to the animal, and your neighbors trying to sleep! So back to dogs.. Darren and I have 2 outside dogs, we take them on walks, give them treats and attention everyday, and they don't constantly bark. Yesturday morning I said good bye to them in the garage, (they have access to the garage and back yard all the time.) and went to work. Darren had to work late, so when I got home around 6pm I went out to check on them and feed them.. but no dogs.. Odd I thought so I called Darren and asked him where he took the dogs, come to find out they weren't with him, our gate was closed, no sign of escape.. but no sign of the dogs. We have a tall fenced back yard, no holes were dug, and the gate can't be opened by our furry friends. MYSTERY!! So Darren and I drove around and walked around in the cold calling and looking for them but nothing. Darren had to go back to work, so I kept the garage open and watched for them. Around 9pm I went into the garage to throw something away and I heard Roscoe, he came running into the garage, but no Bailey! Now I really started to worry, why would he leave her behind? Did she get hit by a car? What if animal control got her? So as of this morning still no Bailey, I started to call around to Shelters when her old owners contacted me saying a lady found her in Springville by the freeway!! I left her old tags on her until we got her new ones made thank goodness so she had a number to call. Darren went to pick her up on his lunch break and said the lady was so nice, she even offered to keep her or baby sit her if we ever needed help! This just goes to show how sweet Bailey really is, and that there are a few good people in this world still.

So the title mean neighbor kids? Darren and I have come to the conclusion that while we were at work someone opened our gate and let them out. I feel totally violated, I hope they didn't go into our garage or the house! So our gate will have a new lock on it, and Bailey will be chained up for a few days. Not to mention new up to date tags tonight.


jayna said...

That is crazy! We so have the same complaint...our neighbors have a vicious german shephard that they leave out 24/7 to BARK out his loneliness and meanness.

And that is funny about your belly- I was a HUGE front carrier as well, on all three girls. Chicken legs with this HUGE PUMPKIN BELLY. It was annoying. hang in there- you're in the home stretch now! :)

Dani said...

I totally understand your complaint! :) Our neighbors have a pit-bull that barks ALL day and night, And cries all night long. He's very sweet, Just very lonely. They've had him over a year and I've only seen him leave the backyard once - Our tiny townhome backyards! We feel soo bad for him, But it's really hard to sleep through too! We've invested in a fan.

Joe&Steph said...

How is that belly coming along? I need to see recent pictures!!!!