Tuesday, December 2, 2008

30 Week appointment

Well today I met a new doctor in the office, and after he measured me I asked him why my belly is already measuring so big and I poke out so far. After laughing he said well its because your uterus tilts forward, so on normal people they measure just to the top, but mine he can feel over the top and to the back. So its not just me, I am starting to poke out REALLY far and its how I'm going to carry all my children apparently.. Take that everyone that was convinced I'm having twins! He's just healthy.. and ALL out in front of me. I've gained 18lbs which he says is right where I should be, but somehow that is still not comforting.. ugh.. I know its baby weight but its still hard to see such numbers on a scale. I also asked him what I can do about this awful back pain that has started in my upper back, it hurts all the time unless I'm laying on my side with pillows, and if I sit straight up, or stand it starts to tighten up and burn within a few seconds. He asked what I do for work, I told him I sit in an office 9hrs a day and he said there you go, its because you're pregnant and sitting in an office all day. After I laughed (even though I don't think its funny pregnancy humor when I'm in pain) he showed me what was causing it, and told me what I could do to help it. Basically Hot/Cold packs, and bribe my hubby to rub out the tight muscles in my back.

My camera is missing in action, so no pictures.

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