Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Wow talk about a game last night! Darren and I put on our jersey's (mine barely fitting) and headed to Olive Garden, then the game. We had so much fun taking a night off and going on a date together. It was a close game the entire time, then with 5 seconds left the Bulls missed a shot so we started yelling thinking we won, oh wait with 1 lousy second left some jerk sunk the game winning shot. Final score 100-101 but oh well half the Jazz is injured and it was a fun game to watch.

They gave out noise makers which was fun, especially for Darren he's like a little kid with toys like that. Then no game is complete without the Jazz Bear getting us with silly string :)

Pregnancy update- Instead of a pic of me this time, here is one of Bailey our little girl. I'm 29 weeks and all belly is all I hear! Everyone is so nice and tells me that I'm showing really well which is always nice to hear from others. I've been working really hard to eat healthy, take my prenatal, stretch and exercise every night. Very little soda, and not too many sweets is my secret. But this isn't hard for me since all I seem to want is veggies and hot soup lately. Every night while I'm rubbing oil and lotion on my belly before I 'work out' I catch Darren looking at my belly wide eyed in disbelief. He's brutally honest with me, but I'm alright with it because it helps me feel normal and not so overly sensitive about it all. He's sure cute with me even though I can tell most of the time he's not sure what the heck to do with me, and he hates hearing my complain. I can't believe I'll be at 30 weeks here soon... crazy... 40 total... and I'm almost there! Ah my heart starts to race when I think about it. Any way my next appointment is Dec 2 so I'll get some pics then.


The Beals said...

Cute puppy!

And dont worry - all husbands CAN NOT believe when their cute petite bride stretches into full blown MOM. Its crazy and sort of funny, so just enjoy it!

Brigitte just let out a squeal so Im off!

Harold & Nacele said...

You kids are so cute - keep on blogging!
Love ya lots, Grama