Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Baby Shower

Saturday November 15, 2008!

So many people came and brought us amazing gifts!

Dartha and Sawyer, it was so good to see her

Brylee helped me open some presents

Elise, Brittney, Aveon and I

Jon, Lisa and Brylee

We played the guess the poopy diaper game! LOL its melted candy bars ;)

I think I'm set to start the nursery!!!

Thanks again to everyone that came it was so much fun seeing everyone, eating tons of pumpkin food, and not to mention opening gifts! My mom and my mom in law Becky did a great job getting it organized, I'm lucky to have them.

Then the after party at my house- Darren ordered the UFC fight so we invited some friends over, and at the end of the night I pulled the camera out, Harley- Michelle's oldest was our photographer for the evening.

Harley, Michelle, Me and Ginger

Harley and Michelle

Darren, Harley and Alaysha- they love teasing and playing with Darren

And this is the way to END a post :) Joe and I showing off our bumps


The Andreasens said...

Julia, I am so sad I couldn't make it to either event :) I had to work both days ... But I have a gift for you - It's setting on my table at home - If your going to be home tonight I will drop it by - I'll call you!

Nick and Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Sorry I couldn't stay :(

The Crew said...

OMG that pic of you and Joe is so funny! That pic of us, it's weird that me and Brit aren't prego since we have been pregers for the last 2 years!!!! You look awesome, your shower was fun.

The Beals said...

YOU ARE SOOO DANG CUTE. If i ever get pregnant again Im using you as my inspiration for looking awesome! That baby belly is PERFECT!