Monday, November 10, 2008

Catch up time for pictures!

Sawyer Ray's Blessing 11-9-08

Jessica, Brittney, Julia & Michelle

All these cute little girls!

Harley, Bella, Brylee and Alaysha

Brittney, Brylee , Elise- her twins Bryn and Jaden, and Janie

Darren and I at the blessing

Brittney and Sawyer

Sawyer with Grandma and Harold

Brittia, Chris and Jordyn in VEGAS!! 11/1/08

Chris and his boys at the wedding

And welcome the newest addition to the Robinson family Bailey! We adopted this little girl for Roscoe to have a play mate in the back yard. She is a beagle/lab mix and a total sweetheart! After seeing her I couldn't bear to see her go to the shelter :(

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The Miller Family said...

Hey I've tried to call you but maybe your phone isn't working??? Anyway, I completely forgot that we are going to St. George this weekend and then we will be in Colorado the weekend after that. But I for sure want to have you guys over. So I'll let you know. Oh, by the way, sorry that we couldn't make it to your house the other night. Warren was just not having it.