Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Belly video

So as I'm sitting at work today my little guy has been going nuts to cartwheels and kicking and whatever it is he does all day. So I decided to catch a video as proof. Sorry about the view its just me looking down, and he's only moving at the begining of the video then he gets camera shy.

In other news the house is finally ours! Darren started moving and painting Sunday and we're going to finish up painting tonight and start unpacking. I'll have some before and after pics up in a few days. I absolutely love our house I can't wait to be done and settled in for good.

Oh and here is an adorable pic of Brittney's Sawyer on Halloween. My camera died right after I took this so I wasn't able to get any others. On Halloween I went to Thriller in St. George with my dad, Lisa, and Lori it was a lot of fun! Then Satruday it was off to Vegas to Chris and Brittia's wedding. It was beautiful and fun. I'll have pics up soon.


Nick and Tiffany said...

That's so cute! Sometimes I miss those prego days.

DTanner said...

How cute! I think Derrick was a football player for his first Halloween.

The Beals said...

AHHH! your belly was awesome!

I cant wait for the nudie one when you are NICE AND BIG!

The Miller Family said...

That is so cool! Maybe I'm weird, but I think thats the best part of being pregnant.

jayna said...

So fun! That is one of the perks...after all the hideousness!

Thanks for your help with whatever stuff you can gather for our Benefit Sale. If you want the info on where/who to contact for a drop off in Utah, let me know!! I have a friend driving to Boise over Thanksgiving so she can pack her car full of donated stuff!