Tuesday, November 4, 2008

25 week appointment


Monday was my 25-26 week appointment, I had to drink that nasty orange crap and take a blood test. For starters that stuff was hard to get down, I kept gagging. Then when I go to get my blood drawn (which I hate doing) the nurse was not very pleasant. I told her I don't like to see the needles and asked her not to let me see them but she didn't seem to care I had to close my eyes cause I didn't trust her. Then after prying around in my right arm she pulled the needle out and starts yelling at me, saying things like 'Did you drink any water today?', 'why can't I draw any blood?', 'what was your blood pressure when you checked in?' The whole time I'm thinking, first of all I really hate this, second your the nurse here not ME, and third don't get sassy with me! So of course she had to poke me again in my left arm, I don't know why it bothers me so much it doesn't hurt it just makes me nauseous for some reason.

After torture time with the blood lady was done- this is what I found out of my appointment.
Weight gain- 13lbs, wow that is hard to grasp! If he only weighs around 2lbs right now where is the rest hiding? Is this why everyone at work told my not to look behind in the mirror?
Measured 27 inches, Which is a little big for how far I am, again a sign of the toddler I'm going to give birth to!

He's becoming a very active baby I can see/feel him move several times a day. He's definitely a wiggle worm but I love feeling him move around knowing he's safe. The rest of pregnancy is going great, I feel good, happy and I can sleep a little better now that I've learned some tricks.


Nick and Tiffany said...

Whoa, your nurse sounds like a beast! Of all people you would think that a nurse would be more understanding. Glad everything is going well, can't wait to see you at your shower! :)

jayna said...

I swear to you, the worst part of getting the baby HERE is all of the needles!

DTanner said...

I am the same way. I have to tell them not to tell me when they are going to poke me, or I will jump. I have to turn my head. And to even get to the appointment I have to work myself up to it all day. I am such a baby. It is totally a needle phobia. I can't even get myself to have an epidural because I am so afraid of them. Good Luck!

The Beals said...

its smooth sailing from here on out...right up until your group b strep screen...which i was told is like a pap smear - but i can tell you its a tad more involved than that!!!!

i cant wait to see your little 'toddler'. despite it all, he will seem so teeny when hes born. its so great!

The Crew said...

Yeah thats great your prego is going so good! Just wait till the last weigh in comes, it's a b***h! It comes off fast though. Even if you don't breast feed, despite what people tell you. I'v done both and I swear for me that not was better. But maybe it's because I had twins and I was a big fat a** so I had a bit more to lose! I know one thing that did work for me was vitamin E pills. You just bit the pill open and rub it all over your belly. I didn't get any streach marks w/ Colin and I only got 2 tiny ones w/ the girlie's. It's the bomb!!!
We should all get together sometime. By the way you look so cute, love the Halloween coustume. So is this the longest comment you've gotten!!!????