Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Halloween preview

I know Halloween isn't for a couple more days, but this last Saturday Darren, his sister Chels and I went to a Halloween party with his cousin Ginger and Jeff. Let me just say this was the FUNNEST Halloween party I've ever been to! Everyone was dressed up, the entire Aba crew was there dancing and singing all night, and there was so much creepy looking good food it was a blast.

The pregnant superwoman and her hot dog husband

Everyone loved his costume

Zombie Jeff and Weiner Darren

Ginger, Chels and I with the Aba girls (Jeff's sisters, it was their party)

Up next JORDYN! Brittia has 2 cute costumes for her


jayna said...

Ok, you have the most perfect looking baby bump I've ever seen exposed in such a public fashion. Way to be so brave!

And how cute is that little thumb sucker??!

The Miller Family said...

Julia!!!! I've missed you chica! Married and pregnant, dang a lot happend! Congrats! Seriously, we need to get together sometime. I miss you and Britt and our days at Baker's! Call me- (435)623-0985