Friday, October 24, 2008

OK I can't wait any longer!

Last night my mom was nice enough to come down to my house and help me pack everything up. Earlier this week Darren and our friend Bill moved most of the big stuff out of the way, so we just had to box up small stuff. So we packed up my whole house last night! It took us about 4 hours, but everything is boxed up and ready to go accept our clothes in the bedroom, I wanted to do that room last. It's so weird we're moving! But I'm so excited about our new home I can't stop thinking about it. So here are two pictures of it, I'm sure we'll take more with Darren and I in them next week, but for those who can't wait (me) here they are!

The I love the front of the house, it's a corner lot & beautifully landscaped

The back of the house, a good sized porch and nice fenced back yard for Darren's dog Roscoe

So the good/bad about moving in.. today after all that packing I can barely sit at my desk, my back is killing me! And its just the beginning.. oh well it will be worth is to be unpacked and organized in a new place. The whole house is white/cream colored.. so there will definitely be some painting going on in a couple rooms before we get settled it. But the carpet will have to last till we can afford to get some nice new stuff, I don't want to skimp on that. Guess I'll be rug shopping next week :) And setting up a nursery is going to be so much fun, Darren is going to build a custom crib for our little guy so I hope he likes it. We're doing a little western cowboy theme.

Anyway life is good, Darren and I are happy and healthy, we've got a beautiful baby boy on the way and we're moving into our dream home.. things couldn't get better!


DTanner said...

Awww! Very Cute! My friend did a really cute western room for her little boy. She had lots of antique stuff on shelves and such. One thing I loved was a rope that she ran all around the top of the room and then had a lasso at the end. I can't wait to see it when you get it all done. Old chaps as a curtain valance would be cute too if you had small enough windows. Ok, I'll stop now ;(

jayna said...

Congrats you guys! So cute and wonderful for welcoming your little son!

Dani Andreasen said...

Super cute house Jewels! I am very excited for you guys ... I love when you first move in and get to make everything your own, It's the best part :)

Crandall Family said...

A new house! That's so exciting! You'll have to send me your new address :) Glad your mom could help you pack some. Congratulations!