Friday, July 25, 2008

New pics of Sawyer

I got to see and hold Sawyer again last night, he is so sweet! I just want him to be mine :) He sleeps through Brylee throwing things (soft things like his socks) at him, bumping into him, and pointing at his belly button going "OOH OOH OOP OOP!". But if you uncover him at all he doesn't like it. He's a total cuddler I love it! Brittney is so lucky to have such a beautiful baby boy, and baby girl now.


DTanner said...

Isn't that blanket she made so dang cute! You will have to hit her up for some for your little one.

Crandall Family said...

He's a total sweetie! Glad you are close enough to see him lots! You'll soon have one of your own too. Are you sick at all? Hope not too bad :)

Gabe & Christy said...

ok, if my baby turns out half as cute - im going to be THRILLED! Im convinced its all his hair!

Time to start posting every mundane detail of YOUR pregnancy - you know, the weird things youre eating, how many times a day you have tried to divorce your husband. The usual!