Monday, July 21, 2008

Welcome Sawyer Ray (Stewart) Jeffs

Sawyer Ray was born 7/20/08 at 12:23pm he weighed 8 lbs 1 oz and was 19 1/2 inches long. He's got about as much hair as Brylee did, just not as long. Brittney went into labor Early Sunday morning and I'm jealous to say after her epideral she had him in less than a half hour! I'm so glad they are both safe and healthy. When I held him for the first time the first thing I said was, "He looks just like Brylee did when she was born!" My mom told me how much he'd changed after only a couple hours.

Darren and I went to Bear Lake, ID over the weekend with our friends Jeff and Ginger so I wasn't at the hospital while she had him, just a few hours late. We had a great weekend playing on the beaches, but it was so fun to come home and see and hold my first nephew!

In lots of other baby news, Elise gave birth to twin girls Bryn and Jaden this morning at 7:05 am.
She sent me this pic of one, but isn't sure which one it is :) Hopefully I'll get to see all 3 of them soon.


Crandall Family said...

I'm so glad I decided to check your blog this morning. I knew I could count on you for the latest baby news!!! Hope Brittney is doing well. Sounds like a quick delivery. I think he does look like Brylee. This is exciting news! Thanks for posting pictures so we can all see!

Danielle Richardson said...

OH my heck!!! i cant believe they both had their babies right after each other!!! i just barely saw Elise on Saturday!! haha her and clay were walking to try and induce labor! i guess it worked! tell everyone congratulations!!

Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Baby sawyer is too cute for words! He DOES look an awful lot like Brylee did! Im glad she keeps popping out these adorable kids...I wish I could come hold one of them! AAAHHH - just looking at his cute baby body makes me so anxious to GET MY BABY OUT! Thanks for putting up pictures for us all to see!!

Crandall Family said...

Julia please post more pictures of Sawyer & Jordon is you have any.

Conants said...

How fun!!! How do you get pic's off your phone? You will have to show me one of these days... I still couldn't tell you if it's Bryn or Jaden, that pic is kindof hard with the oxygen on her. Is that so bad???!!!!