Monday, July 28, 2008

Post #1 for the day..

Well here's an update on my pregnancy for those of you that like to feel normal just read my posts and you'll be there.

Today I'm 11 weeks along with the begining stages of "is she getting fat or pregnant". I won't say I'm truely starting to "show" yet, its more like everything I eat is creating a nice spare tire look around my waist band. I don't mind though I can still hide it with loose shirts and low rise jeans. I'm doing every thing I can to eat often and healthy because my stomach never seems to be satisfied. Its always hungry but decide what sounds good. I'm finally on the uphill slope of this and its getting better. I'm not naseous everytime I eat, and I don't cry when nothing sounds good anymore (poor Darren). But the bathroom breaks during the night have begun. I was hopeing they wouldn't start so soon but here they are. I still get car sick wheither I drive or not and cry everytime a sad song or sad movie comes on. One one biggest complaint last week was dizzy spells. I think I'm going to have to talk to my doctor at my next appointment on Wednesday, almost every time I stand up I see spots and get dizzy. But nothing seems to trigger it, I can be hot, cold, tired, wide awake, full stomach, empty stomach and I get dizzy. Its kinda scary. And if I make myself too dizzy I get a head ache (which sucks!)

I have lots to complain about, but compared to most pregnancies (except my sister) I'd say I'm in the better percentile of it being pretty easy... so far.

I'll post pics of my growing belly every time I go to the doctor, that way I can keep track.

Oh and I still think its a girl, but everyone else seems to think its a boy. But after seeing Sawyer I won't mind a lil cutie like him!


DTanner said...

Aww... it is so exciting. I know what you mean by dizzy spells. I would try eating something with some sugar in it as well as a protein to keep your blood sugar up. I fainted when I was pregnant with Derrick. At the emergency room they said that most younger women find out they are pregnant because they have a fainting spell. Good luck!

The Hugel's said...

Hey you congrats on being preganant that's so fun! the dizzy spells are no fun but i'm sure your dr will figure them out and it will be good the emotions are no fun those will stay for the whole thing lol! well im so excited for you!