Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Customer Service

You guys don't have to read this if you don't want to, but I feel much better after sending this nasty email to the comment department at my companies Insurance middle man. (We outsource our payroll and benefits throught this horrible company "Teamworks Group". ) But Darren and I are now on his insurance plan thank goodness and don't have to deal with these idiots any longer! I hope no one contacts me, but I feel much better after chewing them out a bit :)


I have had nothing but TROUBLE the entire time I was forced to work with your unorganized, rude, inconsiderate company. I don’t expect a response to this nor do I want one. I just feel like someone should know exactly how I feel. I was married in August of 2007. I kindly asked Teamworks a NUMBER of times to add my husband to ALL my policies. This somehow meant only medical, so when my husband I go in for a regular cleaning in November of 2007, it took until TODAY for you guys to actually figure out he wasn’t covered and call me back. If I ask for forms and only receive one, I probably thought to myself “Oh this is all they need to add him,” Since I do not work at a insurance company I have no idea how many or what forms you actually need. (I’m sure most people would agree) So maybe you guys should have some customer support and help us with our decision… That is of course if you even know what the hell your doing. So in the end Darren and I get to pay out of pocket for a cleaning that should have been covered by your company.

And my personal opinion of Donna is she sucks at her job! I have to constantly call and email to get any response out of her and she’s never very helpful or even nice to talk to. It’s also convenient that no matter what time a day I call no one is available. I’ve even called during business hours and no one has answered the phone! Now that is helpful customer service.

Wow let me get started on our medical nightmare, my husband was kicked by a horse in January and needless to say we’re still getting bills and statements. It was even denied saying it was a “pre-existing condition” the first time around. Yeah a visit to the ER “pre-existing” that makes perfect sense. I know you guys are the middle man in the insurance business but maybe you should think twice about what insurance companies you work with. Sure you save a little money, and make a lot by ripping of complete strangers but is it worth it? We’re still people with families trying to get by. If I worked for your company I don’t think I could sleep at night. I will never work with your company again, and I will not say one nice thing if anyone ever asks for a reference about your company, I’d tell them to turn and run. I don’t think I have ever filled out a complaint on a company before but the way my husband and I have been treated is ridiculous!

I hope to never hear from or work with you again.


If anybody askes questions or is offended by this I'll just blame this on my crazy hormones right now.. aww that felt good!

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Nick & Tiffany said...

It's about time somebody laid into these stupid insurance companies/insurance brokers or whatever. The nickle and dime us all to death and have no respect for their clients. Way to go Jules!! You're the woman!