Friday, June 27, 2008

Britt and Brylee finally home!!

So Brittney, Brylee and Dallas made it home today from Pennsylvania this morning! They left back in April to Georgia for Dallas to work all summer. After being moved to Harrisburg Pennsylvania and then having their station closed down there, they decided to come home! My mom was so excited to see them again. We're all glad their home safely :0 ) Look at little Brylee she's gotten huge since they left! I love her little rolly polly arms and legs. She didn't quite recognize me at first, but after some kisses she started to warm up to me again. So today I got to see Brylee and say goodbye to Jordyn. Chris, Brittia and Jordyn are all headed home to St. George this Saturday.

All I had was my camera phone, so I know the pictures kinda suck I'm sorry..

Brylee is 15 months now! And she is so smart the cutest thing she does is Brittney will ask her "Where's baby brother Sawyer?" and Brylee will run to Britt lift her shirt up and kiss her belly! You have to see it to believe it! Don't worry I'll have video of her up soon...

In other news Darren and I are going to the Tim McGraw & Jason Aldean concert tonight and I'm so excited I've seen Tim but not Jason so this should be fun for us :)

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Nick & Tiffany said...

She's gotten so big! I think the last time I saw her was right after she was born. Did you guys have fun at the concert? My brother and his girlfriend went, but neither of them are very talkative so they won't tell me how it was, lol.