Monday, June 30, 2008

Strawberry Resevoir trail ride

As you all know I'm preggers and horseback riding is probably a big no no, but I wanted to go on one last ride up Strawberry Resevoir this year before I retire for the season. Before I get into that though for those who don't know about the Strawberry ride last year here's the short fun adventure I'll never forget!

Last year Darren, my father in law Don and a few other riders from our horse club decided to ride all over Strawberry. Well we get there first thing in the morning and get saddled and ready to go. We're just about to head up the trail when I realize I left something very important in the truck...(lets move on..) So Darren being the sweet heart he is willingly gets down from his horse to get it for me. While he's digging in the back seat of the truck he let go of Quest (Don's horse usually, but Darren was riding him that day) for a split second and before he can turn around Quest starts walking off. Do Darren tells me to calmly walk over to Quest and grab him, but I was too late one of the other riders *stupidly* ran at him and he was off. He took off running down the dirt road. Now this is what I'm thinking, this is my fault he's running away I have to catch him! Plus at the end of that dirt road is a highway, and he'd probably be dead if he makes it to the road. And if we don't catch him soon our ride will be ruined because we'll be chasing a horse all day. So I took off after him! Talk about feeling like a cowboy in an old western! I don't think I've ever ran like that on a horse. I was on my old horse Red at the time, he's pretty quick so before long we caught up to Quest, but I'm not cowboy enough to grab the reins and stop him, or even think about jumping on him. So I tried to out smart him, I tried to push him off the trail any chance I got so he would have to slow down in the trees. But nothing I did would work! About a mile after running full speed some campers on the side of the road heard us and stretched out across the road waving their arms to stop him, but he didn't even slow down he ran right through them! He almost trampled a lady, she had to dive out of the way. Now I'm really freaking out cause nothing will stop him! Just then I see a cattle guard up ahead, and dangerously close, with a fence on both sides, there's no where for him to go. So I tried to slow down my horse, but he wouldn't stop, before I can think Quest jumps right over the cattle guard! And I'm right behind him leaping into the air! For any of you who don't know horses usually spook at those and will skid to a stop and throw you over the cattle guard before they'd jump it! But Red just followed Quest right over it without even thinking! Finally another mile later Quest decided to give up and let me push him off the trail into a camp site and trotted to a stop. I bailed off my horse (he'd never run away) and walked around the camper there to get in front of him. For a split second I saw his eyes move and he thought about running again, but then he looked back at me and just stood there. I grabbed his reins and Red's and started walking back up the road. Then it hit me, wow I just chased a dang horse cowboy style! And I'm really far away.. I hope someone comes to pick me up soon ha ha. Darren comes rolling down the road with the truck and trailer, we load the horses and then he started telling me how crazy and stupid I am for doing that! But in my mind hey, I saved the ride, the horse, and I have a fun story. :) Now check out the pics we took this year on the ride, I had to stop and take pics at this infamous cattle guard, I didn't realize how long they are! Not to mention dangerous, I could barely walk across it.

This years ride was really fun, but on the way back it hit me I'm pregnant and I shouldn't be out in the heat that long nausious. A few tears, a sore butt and some walking the horse later I finally made it off the mtn.
There was still snow up there! So of course a couple of them had a small snowball fight, it felt good and cool around the snow.
It is such a pretty valley up there I'd like to campout there sometime.


Joe&Steph said...

Thats so funny. I can totally picture every second of it. Way to save the day Jewelz!!! Oh and I forgot to tell Joe you were prego and he found out on your blog. He was pretty mad that I didnt tell him. Oops!

Crandall Family said...

What a fun story & memory! That'a a big cattle guard! You are such an adventurous girl aren't you? Can't wait for you to have a baby. That's so fun for you guys. But, maybe you should lay off the jumps....for awhile anyway :)