Monday, June 23, 2008

More baby Jordyn

6/23/08- After figuring out Jordyn needed more then just breast milk she is doing so much better! A couple ounces of formula in her belly and she's happy and sleepy :)

6/22/08- This is Darren's first time holding Jordyn :) She isn't happy unless she's just eaten, got a pacifier or your giving her your full attention. She constantly had to be sucking on something for the first little while, a binky, a finger, her own thumb or whatever she can manage into her little mouth! She is definately the STRONGEST baby I've ever encoutered! She can already lift her head and throw it around, she can full on grab things and push with her legs its amazing. She loves to see whats going on around her, I can see some major personallity in her already :)

Prego update!---

So its still a mystery how far along I am, but I will find out July 2, from the doctor. I honestly got a weird feeling in my tummy last night like butterflies when I was trying to sleep.. So I hope I'm further along then I thought! My gut instinct is its a girl, but I keep having dreams its a boy so I guess we'll find out soon enough.


Conants said...

She is Beautiful! Tell Brittia and Chris congrats... Darren will make such a cute daddy :) I'm so excited for you guys, maybe the butterflies in your tummy was telling you it's twin's or triplets!!!!!

Nick & Tiffany said...

She's gorgeous!! And look at Darren all ready to be a daddy :) I'm so excited for you guys. Congrats again!