Sunday, April 20, 2008

A Trip Down South

( 4/18 - 4/19/08)
Julia and I took a little trip down south this past weekend with our horse club to do a little warm weather riding. We had a lot of fun minus the high winds that blew the sand all day!

We found our way to the high red cliffs for perdy (pretty) views and made our way to the virgin river for a cool down which after that hot sun, dry sands, and steep climbs those horses seemed perdy happy too! We took some pictures and I'm sure Julia will post more at work on monday!

Well here it is Monday and yes I (Julia) am posting the pics. This last ride was really beautiful! It was a little rough actually finding out camp site.. but after about 6 hours (only a 4 hour drive..) we ended up in a parking lot and called it good! But the ride Saturday morning was so much fun, we only rode about 8 miles, but it seemed like we covered so much more land than that. The 80 degree weather was really nice too.. This was our new horse "Oro's" first trail ride and first experience with water.. You can see below this he is coming out of the water, he jumped into the water, lost his footing and went almost all the way under!

Needless to say Oro was very tired and glad to be back home and relax on Sunday :)


Nick & Tiffany said...

Looks like you guys had a ton of fun!!! I wish I had a horse, lol! I haven't been riding in ages.

Joe&Steph said...

It looks like you guys had a ton of fun! Joe and I might be coming up around the 10th for our nieces birthday. If we do we will have to go bowling or something!

Danielle Richardson said...

JULIA!! Lucky you! i want to go horseback riding haha. and i love your blog URL. Ladies love country boys. thats so true. i myself have found a cowboy! lol anyways hope life is going good!!

Harold & Nacele said...

this is the correct blog!