Friday, April 25, 2008

2008 Playoff game 3 Jazz vs Rockets

So.. I'm sure you all know.. the Jazz are in the playoffs. My brother Josh and I got free tickets from my work to go to the game last night and enjoy our "upper bowl" seats. Well they gave out free white t-shirts to everyone in the crowd so it was pretty awesome sitting in the ESA with the loudest crowd in the NBA. I am lucky to have such a cool boss that gives his employees free tickets all the time. But I'm still bitter they lost! I swear last night the score was 93 - 94 but magically online it says 92 - 94.. but I guess it was after 11pm before the game was over and we left.. maybe I'm loosing it. Or the NBA invented a negative point basket who knows.. any hoo we didn't take any pics at this game.. so here is one from another Jazz game I went to.

- A side note, I hate Salt Lake City and everytime I go up there to a game I am remided why. To start I missed my exit cause some freakin jack@$$ cut me off! So I forgot how to get there.. eventually we made it and parked. Then the lovely people of Utah are standing in front of the ESA protesting yelling , "Shame on Texas...Free the children"..with plenty of signs in the air. I didn't know so many people supported sexual abuse and statatory rape?! Yes I agree the children shouldn't be punished.. BUT the FLDS did knowingly break quite a few laws.. and oh yes RAPE young women in their precious "Temple" I think its all so sad. Everyone has their opinions but seriously Utah COME ON! Along with seeing the beautiful site of "bum beds" under bridges for the homeless and missing my turn again to the Freeway I decided once a month in SLC is PLENTY for me. How can people enjoy living there? I think I feel dirty everytime I drive through it.

Sorry if what I wrote makes you mad.. watching and experiencing this makes me mad. :)


Danielle Richardson said...

I AGREE I feel dirty when i go to Salt Lake too. i think i posted on my blog that i didn't even like driving in Salt Lake much less being there and walking around!

Nick & Tiffany said...

I think the Jazz lost because of all those bone-heads that think protesting an NBA game will help all that's going on in Texas! Come on, get a clue! The NBA has nothing to do with the FLDS. I hope you had fun at the game even though they lost!

Gabe & Christy said...

Im gonna have to agree with you about the crazy protestors. And - what were they doing at a basketball game???? sheesh!