Wednesday, April 30, 2008

An awful way to start the day!

So Darren and I recently did some "re-arranging" to our house and we moved our bedroom so our house is still a mess trying to organize everything again! To start off last night the wind was blowing like crazy and there just so happens to be an awfully big bush outside our new window that likes to scratch at our window all night! It sounded like someone was trying to break in all night, I thought about going out there to cut it down some.. but A. I'm a girl B. It was dark and cold C. I don't have anything but household scizzors to cut it with! So needless to say I woke up this morning with a pounding head ache so I decided to snooze the alarm after Darren left. I car pool in the mornings and it wasn't my turn to drive so I knew I had to hurry.. but sleep sounded good.

So after a nice morning nap my alarm goes off and when I open my eyes and look up on top of my lamp shade..(2-3 feet from my head directly above and a little to the right) is a HUGE BLACK FURRY DISCUSTING GROSS SCARY SPIDER! I sprung out of bed like its nobodies business and went into panic-so-scared-I'm-almost-crying mode trying to figure out what to do! I can't just walk away at this point its near my sleep area and Darren is already gone to work

! I tried thinking of a clevar way to kill it with out getting near it or breaking my lamp (which I really like, Jon and Lisa gave it to me for Christmas..) So I thought OH something aersol like oven cleaner or hairspray. But I was fresh out.. as I'm walking back to my room I see the vacume. Perfect. I a really nice Dyson with a LONG hose extention. I get prepared for battle when the huge creature decided to start running around! So I quickly tried to suck him up my in the panic of things getting sucked up by the vacume and thrown across the room the dang thing got away! It ran under the bed into enemy territory ... I was defeated! Realizing I'm now alomost late I had to scoop up an arm full of clothes (hopeing they'd all match some how) and exit in a rush! I blocked it in underneath the door and did what any smart women would do. Called the husband! I told him the story and he said he'd go home on a break and find it to kill it for me! He is now my night in shining armor!

So in the end my head is pounding and even though Darren says he'll kill it I'll still be sleeping on the couch away from it! ARRGG I hate bugs they should leave me alone :(

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Joe&Steph said...

I feel the same way. Did I ever tell you about the story of the spider that traveled from our storage in Sandy to our new home in St. George? It was huge and I was home alone as well. Scary!!! I hate Spiders so bad. I am glad you are safe at work and that Darren is going to kill it for you!