Monday, May 5, 2008


So our "Play Day" competition is coming up May 17th and we're so excited! We've been riding everyday to get our horses into shape, and to get Oro familliar with all the events as this will be his first real competition. I think Darren will do great on Oro and hopefully I will be able to live up to Darren's first place standards on Lucky. Here's a few videos I've taken this year.

This is Oro's first time running the barrel's with Darren in January

This is Darren on Don's horse Quest he is beautiful! But even for a ten year old he gets "spring fever" and bucks and has lots of spunk his first time being rode every year. So this is Darren taking it easy and petting him. He full on bucked the day before this but I wasn't there with the camera.

Here are some pics from Play day last year-

Darren on Lucky, me on Red getting ready for the magazine race.

This is Darren on Lucky she took first in almost everything!
This is me being pulled in the "Hide Race" by Don on Quest. We took 1st in this event.

Darren on Lucky, Don on Quest, running the "Tandom Barrels" Yes those are panty hose, and they took first place.
Darren on Lucky taking first in Barrels I assume.

Me on Red, we took 2nd place in the "Musical Tires" event and this was my first time ever trying it!


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

I seriously am so amazed that you are livin the 'snowy river' life! It looks like a LOT of fun! Good luck with the competitions...

Crandall Family said...

Wow, you guys are horse crazy! I love it! It's about time someone in the family has horses! How FUN!!! Grace is also taking horse riding lessons every Sat. She is also horse crazy. I just read your blog about the HUGE hairy black spider - my personal phobia!!! When we first moved into this house I had the same experience with one. Jayna & I were here and neither of us could work up the courage to KILL it! We called Dan at work and made him come home. He got a chair and the vacuum cleaner and tried to suck it up but the spider just was too big - it HUNG onto the ceiling. Finally he got it by scraping it off the ceiling and sucking it up! We made him take out the vacuum bag and put it in the garbage. After that incident I purchase a long-handled BUG VACUUM and I haven't seen a spider since! I have tried it out and it really works great!!! I highly recommend!