Friday, April 11, 2008

For Sale

So Darren and I are doing a little spring cleaning if you guys know anyone that is interested.
(I'll have more pictures up soon..)

2001 Chev S10 Extended cab. Its Red,Good condition, clean interior, 70,000 miles, & good gas mileage- $8,200 OBO- It has been serviced regularly and only driven a shot distance(2-4 mi.) to and from work everyday.
(We just want what we owe on it, we are getting it detailed and everything serviced again)

I'm also selling 6 Prom/Formal Dresses from size 2-5 and anywhere from $25- $200 (depends on the dress.. Here are a couple pics..

Darren can make custom shelves and they look really nice and they don't cost much.. they are not normal shelves, you can create a unique look in a boring corner, or just dress up a regular wall.. You pick the size and shape you want them or let us pick and we can build them fast. You can do any different color or stain, different molding from a basic flat look to an antiqued finish, and they can be mounted sturdy to the walls so you can put pretty heavy things on them.

Basically we're clearing house for a house litterally! We are trying to make our down payment bigger for the house we want so anything I can do to help I'm all for it!

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Joe&Steph said...

Joe might be interested in Darrens truck. I will talk to him and let you know! Do you guys know where you are buying a house yet? St. George???? Just kidding!