Thursday, April 10, 2008

They're off to Georgia?

Well the rumors are true! Next Friday 4/18/08 Dallas, Britt and Brylee are all off to Georgia! And this time they're taking my friend Jessie, her husband Doug and their little girl Bella. But it's only for the summer. They are going to work for Apex until around August I believe. Looks like Britt will be having Sawyer across the county.. I hope I can go out there to be there when he is born. We wish them luck and hope they travel safe!

I love this pic of Brylee, she already knows her fashion! "Give me back my purse!"... not to mention those cute little rolls she has everywhere! Gosh I'm going to miss her this summer :(

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Danielle Richardson said...

Kay i must be out of the loop is Britt pregnant again?? that is really crazy!