Thursday, April 10, 2008

bOwLiNg TiMe!! (and a small FYI)

Darren, his friend Cody, and I all went bowling on 4/6/08, we had tons of fun! But we'll just say it wasn't the best games we've ever bowled. I think the highest I could manage was 110, what the heck happened to my 156? Darren and I need to get our scores back up so if anyone every goes bowling around us make sure you hit us up!
Oh as for the small FYI.. We're offiicially house hunting! So hopefully we'll be getting a nice "little" starter home here soon. Wish us luck!
-Love Julia


Conants said...

How fun! I love bowling, is that at Dukes Lane?! Good times :)

Joe & Steph said...

I love Bowling. We will have to go next time you guys are here. We will for sure go for a scooter ride. Ours has picked up in speed so we can keep up with you guys next time! I am so excited for you guys! Having your very own home is the BEST!!! Miss you!