Monday, March 31, 2008

Lisa's Baptism 3/29/08

Well as most of you know Lisa was baptised on 3/29/08 and I officially think I'm terrible at taking pictures because I didn't even get one of Lisa! I was so distracted by how good the men in our family looked! I love seeing everyone all dressed up and together its rare so take it in everyone. Lil miss Brlyee was sure a hand full for Britt and I sitting in the 2nd row. Trying to get a 1 year old with a cold to sit still and be quiet is definately a challange. But she made it all the way through. It was so nice to get down there and see everyone I'm so glad Darren and I were able to make it down there. I'm sure Grama took a lot more pics so I'll post em when I get them from her.


Gabe & Christy Beal said...

Gabe and I are so excited for them! We were sorry to miss the big event - and serously need to hit up a family reunion in utah sometime! maybe you will all caravan down for my baby blessing this august? Babies are excellent bribery :)

sidenote - Your glasses are so cute! and how Have i not met your husband? Im a terrible relative!

Crandall Family said...

What a good looking bunch!!!
I wish we could have been there; it sounds like it was a nice day for Lisa. I'm so glad that some could make it. I made a blog for Dallas & Brittney, I don't know if she's seen it yet or not. I hope she does it. I love to see pictures of the family :)