Monday, October 3, 2011

Funny when it happens to someone else..

 So a few weeks ago I'm standing by the bleachers at one of our softball games and I look down to see a stream of pee landing on my cleats. YES you read right PEE. I looked down and Corbin had dropped his pants and was peeing on my feet in front of everyone watching the softball game going on.  I screamed and jumped back (which only drew more attention to my half naked child) when he was finished he simply pulled his pants up.

Not to go into too much detail, the picture pretty much says it all, but it wasn't just a little pee... we're talking like a gallon! ha ha. We figured he had to go so bad all the sudden it was pee his pants or drop them and go.

I'm glad he didn't pee his pants.. but my feet really?!

The next week at our game he quietly walked over to a tree and repeated this. Hopefully winter will teach him to use a toilet.

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